When we started Viro, our goal was to build a toolset for non-gaming applications that is accessible to web and mobile developers, like ourselves. While games are a large part of AR/VR, consumer and enterprise applications will also be a significant part of the ecosystem; from fun social apps to enterprise tutorial apps to new forms of media. Enabling more developers to build AR/VR experiences will ensure a better, larger and more diverse ecosystem of apps.


Enabling more developers to build AR/VR experiences will Ensure a better, larger and more diverse ecosystem of apps.

Viro Media is the creator of ViroReact and ViroCore, platforms for developers to build immersive augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications. The development platform combines powerful rendering tools with a rich feature set to let anyone quickly build AR/VR apps using familiar frameworks and languages.

The Perfect Alternative

The Viro Developer Platform is the perfect alternative to specialized game engines: it allows companies to focus on what they do best, in the languages they know best, instead of training or hiring specialized 3D developers. Viro's combination of powerful new tools and a familiar framework makes building AR/VR applications more accessible than ever.

The Team

Viro Media has raised $2.5 million in seed funding from leading investors including Softbank/SBNY, Eniac Ventures, Lowercase Capital, Box Group, Betaworks, Presence Capital and Rugged Ventures.

The founders Danny Moon, Raj Advani, Vik Advani and Robin Har are startup veterans having previously founded UpNext, a 3D mapping company acquired by Amazon which became the Amazon mapping platform.

The Viro team is uniquely positioned to expand the AR/VR ecosystem with their platform and we believe this will be a foundational company in the emerging virtual reality space.