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ViroReact is a developer platform for rapidly building AR/VR applications using React Native. Use a single code base for your AR and VR apps.


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"When we were to make an AR feature in the national Norwegian travel planner app, Entur, we looked around for AR-libraries that we could use. ViroReact was just what we needed to get started quickly, and within a short amount of time, we had a desired function that people in the office could test and play around with. One month later we released the AR-feature to the public with great success. We have received top support from ViroMedia, and they have daily been active on both GitHub and Slack for assistance. We are looking forward to further cooperation."

- Carl Joachim Rørvik, Senior Consultant, Bekk Consulting



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"Personally I like VIRO more as their stack is their own 3D render engine combined with React Native so it’s a familiar open-source framework from Facebook that lots of web and mobile developers are familiar with. It has made learning curve so easy for React developers. It has created everything inform of components. Also the biggest advantage is their crisp and clear documentation. I am somehow in love with it."

-Dhara - Developer | Augmented Reality - with React Native

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Viro Media's Chief Architect, Raj Advani gave a talk about building great AR apps using Viro.